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08-24-2008, 07:18 AM
Originally Posted by ArkonPhoenix View Post
Good Q&A, however there is one thing that worries me as there was one person who asked about a lure for other MMOs to play. This disturbs me simply because this in the one area that most game fail, simply because disconnected upper management looks more at the profits and not the value. All I can say is that this game better focus towards those who like Star Trek, and not simply those who like MMOs in general.
If you were upper management and you were suppose to make the company millions of dollars, or make something that "pleased" some people but only made 45% of what you could of made, I think you would make more for the company.

You are probably right here, but we have to face it. MMORPGs are all after the WoW pie. They want that slice of happiness and be fat.... It's a company after all, they are all after your $$$.