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01-25-2010, 06:16 PM
Originally Posted by Scay
You can easily google up software to kill a harddrive.

Anyway, although a CPU and a GPU may be able to run 100% for some time, I can make ALL your computer components run at 100% all the time. That includes network, GPUs, all cores, harddrives, possibly CDROMS, everything. Just running your GPU and CPU at 100% will not overheat a working system, but if you increase the heat further by CDROM and HDDs it may. Maybe not on your computer if you built it in a fridge but certainly on a high percentage of computer systems sold.

Computers are just not made for running the entire system at full speed, and there is not a single software to test it, because its friggin stupid to do it, it will damage your computer over time.

I didnt say 100 FPS will damage your card, I said 100 FPS is an absolutely useless framerate that should never be produced. STO will produce FPS in the 1000th which may damage a weaker system though.
The operative words in that whole paragraph are "weaker system". STO will do nothing that can damage a properly fabricated, constructed and maintained system that runs at the proper specifications. Yes, software can damage hardware if it is designed to; I can damage hardware just by going into my BIOS (which is software, albeit rudimentary software), and maxing out my VCORE and FSB frequency. You can damage a floppy drive (or at least could at one time) by having software misalign the internal components, as certain viruses for the Amiga did years ago.

We are not, however, discussing whether it is possible to intentionally produce software which can directly or indirectly damage hardware. We are discussing Star Trek Online, a piece of software which cannot harm a system unless the system already has some failing within its hardware already, be it insufficient cooling, a bad component, old components, or a number of other weaknesses in hardware.