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01-25-2010, 06:58 PM
Originally Posted by Scay
It can harm a standard system people buy from supermarkets, discount shops or other non-geek ways to buy a computer. It doesnt matter if those computers for YOU are having weaknesses, they dont for the people that bought them.

You think its smart that STO is putting totally unneeded stress on the computers of their customers to a point that some will fail?

I dont.

I think Cryptic better fixes this asap.

Scay I'm sorry but respectfully your just plain wrong on this topic. If you want proof please take my challenge and post your question on either of the above mentioned forums (MSDN or Nvidia developers forums). If you want proof of my credentials please don't hesitate to private message me. Frankly posts like the above are financially damaging to Cryptic, Microsoft, its partners, and the graphics card manufacturers.