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05-03-2014, 06:15 PM
Originally Posted by ixuthan8 View Post
Today I tried to update my accolades checklist using the list in this thread as reference.
The FED total points of 18830 is not considering the 150 points from the duplicated "M.A.C.O. Elite Commander" and "Omega Force Shadow Operative".
My main toon is FED and those two accolades are duplicate and each one is now 2x75.
So, shouldn't the total now be 18980?
Are you absolutely positive this happened on a pure FED? Only the FEDROMs and KDFROMs were affected here. Pure FED and pure KDF were unaffected.

EDIT: I did get confirmation from a couple of people in the accolades chat channel that this seems to be happening to some pure FED and KDF too. I have written a plead to borticuscryptic in the bug forum to help the accolade community sort this out. If anyone has ideas how these duplicate accolades can be triggered on characters that didn't receive them automatically, feel free to share that information with us.

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