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05-03-2014, 07:03 PM
I would love to see the TNG movie's Type 11 Shuttlecraft. And make it impressive in stats too if you don't mind it's a great looking shuttle.

I hear a variant on the Dauntless is supposed to be in development so I have most of my canon wishes.

I wouldn't mind seeing the Allegiance in STO though, good luck with the legal work.

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Can we get an upgrade to the model of the Sovereign class? It's very low poly and could use some love with being so iconic!
Indeed, and more than anything upgrade the layout to the Nemesis model.

From Ex Astris Scientia.

Especially the "neck".

Before in Insurrection, which is the current model in STO and obsolete.

And the latest canon version from Nemesis

Also of import in that article is the additional torpedo launchers on the model.

I think that that neck would also work well with the Assault Cruiser variants already present in game.
Yes I support This

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