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01-26-2010, 04:50 AM
Just throught i'd add in my own temps and specs here for others to compare.

I7-860 @ 4.4ghz Cooled by a Corsair H50 using Noctua fans in push/pull
Asus P55A Formula III mobo
8gb Corsair dominator 1600mhz ram
2 x Sapphire 5870's (Crossfire)
1 x 64gb Corsair performance II SSD ( Boot drive only)
4 x 1TB Samsung F3's (Storage)
2 x 1TB Samsung F3's ((Games)raid)
Corsair 800D case all stock fans changed for noctua fans (60cfm @ 21db)

Cpu at 24 hours of prime 95 @ 64c
Gpu's using Ati tool Fur test as well as running 2 instances of 3dmark vantage with rthdbrl.exe running in the back ground, fans set to auto. Max temp recorded 75c
Ram does not go bast 40c
Ambient temp in the case is 28c

Also, i can see scay's points. But he seems like he does not know how to word himself properly. Yes you can get software to kill hdds, yes you can get software to run all of your components at 100% all of the time. But how much of a temp increase do you think having your optical drive running at 100% will do? My guess 0.5c at max. Having all hardware running at 100% is not a good indication of what the game will do for you, as at obvious points not all of your system resources will be used,. If you have a crappy little wallmart/emachines pc which you have decided to upgrade yourself with some badass hardware you more then likely didn't upgrade the case. The stock cooling on them is not going to provide adequate airflow over the components.

My 2c.