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01-26-2010, 07:51 AM
Originally Posted by TallBear
Almost every mac out there dual boots os x and win xp/vista/7.. so why even bother trying to emulate this in OSX? The performance will just be degraded. Just boot into win to play the game, and when done boot back into OS X.

I used to have mac, but I have PCs now.. and my PCs boot both Win 7 and the latest OS X. Aside from the bios, macs and pcs are pretty much identicle now a days in HW. Just depends which OS you want to run
so I'm supposed to give up all my programs and software and just turn my machine into a Windows PC and have to use Windows? thats horrible.... i'd just as soon not play it at all.... why have to lose my whole computer to play 1 game, when I can run the game 90% just as good and not lose my whole computer?

I'm sure a Windows lover wouldn't ever understand it... just accept not everyone has the same wants and likes.