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08-24-2008, 11:47 PM
Originally Posted by 3pmusic View Post
He kind of contradicts himself

"we want to bring star trek to life, I dont want to just create an mmo that just happens to have a star trek skin on it thats somehing that I really want to avoid"

however previously he said...

"we already have an engine, we just slap star trek on it and boom there ya go" or something (not a direct quote).

So To me it sounds like they are tweaking Champions engine to work with star trek, however it will not be as "Technical" as the perpetual game was looking to me.

I just dont want this to be another ST game that fails And I am trying to stay positive...
I think he's responding to two different questions here- in the "slap star trek on it" was in response to how quickly they got game play footage out. And, that's was pretty accurate- they have an engine and to get some quick gameplay footage out all you have to do is slap some skins on it and off you go.

But, he wasn't talking about content. Which is what the first statement you have from him was referring to. That will take more time than creating some skins.