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05-07-2014, 04:16 AM
Originally Posted by ltcmdjamescore View Post
Accolades are more messed up by each season.

The accolades in this game are getting more and more pointless trying to achieve when not everyone can get them all. I have previously suggested ways of bringing back retired accolades but those ideas were met with silence. My request to borticus was conveniently merged with the 80 page long thread discussing the broken STF tailor options and thus buried and forgotten.

I will make a final plead here and now to borticus or any other dev who happens to read this. PLEASE initiate a dialogue with us here in the accolade community. We have the will, motivation, ideas and energy to sort this mess out once and for all.

ilanis gave some very good suggestions in this post and I would suggest going so far as to move ALL current accolade points to a legacy status and then scrap the current system and start over from scratch.
  • Accolades should be real achievements, based on skill, grind and exploring your environment carefully. There are already several good examples of this in the game.
  • Accolades should not be rewarded for normal mission objectives that you have to complete to progress the mission in the first place.
  • Absolutely no random elements involved in any accolade. I can't stress this enough.
  • Extreme care should be taken when implementing any accolade so they'd never had to end up in a retired state. New players should have the same opportunities to collect all accolades as a player who has been here from the start.
  • And finally, do I have to express how I feel about monetization of accolades? The Khellid one gave me a real scare and I'm pleased to see Cryptic hasn't tried implementing anything similar since then.