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05-08-2014, 11:58 AM
Originally Posted by wtfforumnamesuck View Post
It seems to be the 'Visual FX quality' setting. I set it to low, and this problem dissapeared. I'm guessing that cryptic tried to improve the visuals for weapons, and somehow broke them instead.

The difference between low and high seemed extremely minor to me, so even if this is not the best solution, at least it makes the game playable again.
Of course that fixes it. The lower the quality, the lower are the requirements for the engine. But thats not the point, i dont want to see my torps with a crappy quality. Just one fuzzy light in the space.. At least for me, god what is the point to play a game 4 years old if i cant enjoy it using maximum quality settings. its ridiculous. WE should be able to use max quality settings, thats all. The two only things you see in space with you are fighting are your own ships and the weapons. Two essential things. I dont want to forget about one of em. The feelling will be not the same, not by far.