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05-11-2014, 11:37 AM
Originally Posted by hawke89305092 View Post
A lot of ships that have been around since launch could use some retouching. The ship art team has done some absolutely amazing work of late, and every new ship they release continues to astound me with it's quality... but they do make the older ones look pretty bad by comparison.

It's a little unfortunate that so many of said old ships are such iconic ones, too. It's great that the Nicor and the Avenger and the S'Golth look so amazing and all... but I'd honestly prefer to have a Sovereign, Galaxy and Intrepid of that quality, given the choice.

So yeah, I do hope the dev team can get to redoing some of those older ships.
Man how I wish that the reason why they are not fixing the broken graphics on these old ships is that they've actually been updating the artwork.
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