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05-12-2014, 09:44 AM
Originally Posted by bendalek View Post
I'm gonna check and confirm tonight, but ... My Romkklink, had the dissappearing legs issue with her Lobi EV suit ... but ... It occurred when I equipped the EV suit "over" her Retro Metallic Scale minidress ...

Now, doing Dyson Ground BZ's, and with S9 giving Armor visuals to Roms finally, I've created an "Armor" for her ... And when I swapped her from THAT, to her Lobi EV suit, it worked perfectly! ... No invisible legs!
So I'm gonnna check tonight and see if a)it has actually been fixed for me or b) IT only happens when you swap between certain outfits ...

Either way, this may be information that the (currently silent) Devs who I'm sure are reading these threads, needed to 'fix' the issue.
Im running around in the rom-fed uniform atm and since s9 Ive added a couple 'kit bits' but Ill try her tal shiar uniform and off duty to see as well