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05-12-2014, 02:43 PM
Originally Posted by th3xr34p3r View Post
So I decided to go into my motherboard bios and set the pcie latency from 64 to 128 since I am running a single gpu build and no other pcie devices atm.

Thus far my results are as follow:

Vicious Cycle (no sound): 30-40fps in combat full fx render
Vicious Cycle (Sound): 20-30fps in combat full fx render

CE: Both with and without sound the results are the same, when looking at the CE with everyone else firing and their fx going off I noticed that it did render mine at above 35fps and anything below that it would randomly decide to render mine and the others or not depending on where I looked.
I don't see how it should be expected that we'd need to even consider doing something like this to try and alleviate issues that have either arisen or has been the straw to break teh camel's back with S9.

If anything works for anybody, great, but this ultimately can only be something for Cryptic to address.
If you've come to the forums to complain about the AFK system, it's known to be bugged at the moment.