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05-14-2014, 11:34 AM
Originally Posted by th3xr34p3r View Post
*shrugs* prob a placebo for me then.
Most likely is, the main problem is with the engine its self. So really, no matter what kind of PC you have or beefed up it maybe the engine is just too poorly coded and unoptimized atm to really see any gains with tweaking anything.

Were just going to have to hope that cryptic gets off there arses and does something about it. Cause I don't like buying a new video card thinking I'd get better performance in all the games I do play and then after one update the one game I play the most now has the worst FPS issues, yet its one of my older games I play O.O.....that makes no sense what so ever on a performance standpoint....

You know something is Very Wrong when you can play BF4 on Ultra at 1080p minus AA and get better more consistent FPS then in a 4 year old MMO that's graphics are no where near what BF4 has...hell I get better FPS on Skyrim, and I have over 150 mods, most of which are cosmetic related :O.

So Ya erm Cryptic, you need to do something about this Graphics issue cause it is really starting to get on peoples Nerves. >.>