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08-25-2008, 04:13 PM
Originally Posted by Ruthless View Post
I just wish space combat was done from inside the bridge.
He did say space combat was not going to be like dogfighting, so it won't be like flying an airplane by yourself while trying to shoot down an enemy over hostile skies (space). I can only picture therefore a more tactical approach where there's some display of relative position where you can turn, approach, maneuver, shield, divert power, fire phasers or torpedoes, vent plasma, etc., to progress your combat. You won't need a joystick peripheral to win battles in outer space, which is appropriate to the battle conditions most bridge Captains experience.

Ground combat did sound a lot more action oriented however, so instead of being like most MMOs that come to mind (at least that come to MY mind), it might be more like Age of Conan (which I only know about second hand), perhaps also like Champions (which I know nothing about, really).