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01-27-2010, 12:18 AM
Originally Posted by Genosaurer View Post
Uh, yes. Hence my complaint, as I did do the research on all the packages, and then got screwed anyway because they put together another one after I'd already made my purchase.
So you don't want your original purchase + pre-order item, You want the Sci-Fi Regular edition of the game, with nothing extra except the special Mk II Starter deflector dish?

Or did you order the Collector's or Digital Download Edition? See my post above for what is included.

Also remember that all these items are NOT ewxclusive to the package deals.. they will be available in the Cryptic Store in a few weeks.

so I laugh at people who bought 5 copies of a game or complain about items in a game that you can buy with Cruptic Points later on.

Originally Posted by Kadera

Dude, your patience, persistence, and relentlessness makes me believe your Avatar picture is no accident.

Please don't kill me.
lol.. Not killing anyone except my enemies on screen.

Glad you like my avatar. I've been using this one for about 7 years now.. I created it myself.

Thanks again