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01-27-2010, 07:33 AM
Originally Posted by Johneagle View Post
I am currently trying to play on my work internet. The client will not update. I am wondering what ports have to be open to get this to and STO to work? Any ideas??
Good question. Hopefully someone with a network sniffer app can determine this?

As an alternative workaround, if you have STO installed on a home PC or somewhere other than work, you can update there, and copy over all of the files in Cryptic Studios\StarTrek Online\Live that have changed due to the patch. This will include the patch log, possibly a couple other files, and the patched "hogg" files in the bins folder. If it's a smaller patch, then you might only have to copy a couple hogg files, but it would still take a DVD or large thumbdrive to do it (hogg files are anywhere from 200KB to 2GB each, and there's 11 of them).