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08-27-2008, 01:01 AM
It was said that character's uniform customization probably wouldn't be seen in STO, that character customization would mostly revolve around physical attributes (hair, eyes, skin, etc.). I think we should have a least a little customization in the uniforms. I know the whole concept of a uniform is so to present a level of everything being same, but in episodes of Star Trek we have seen different uniforms being worn in the same time period.

Examples: In the middle seasons of TNG (3 and 4) we saw the early TNG uniforms without the collar, and the new ones with the collar being worn at the same time. Later when DS9 came out we saw a new uniform with the color on the shoulders, but the crew of the Enterprise and other ships still wore the older uniforms with the color in the midsection. Later in DS9 when they came out with the uniforms with the grey shoulders and colored turtlenecked shirt under it, we still saw the older ones at some time or another.

When Voyager's EMH traveled to the Prometheus why didn't Starfleet upgrade his program with the newer uniform for the rest of the Voyager crew? I think the real reason for this is to keep a few differences between the shows that ran together, but it still shows that uniforms did differ between Starfleet officers from one time to another.

This can also apply to Klingon uniforms. Yes, they all did have relatively uniforms, but there were always small differences between each warrior's uniform. Sometimes one would be wearing a sash, some would have writing on their gauntlets, the shoulder pieces sometimes had a few different variations, plus there's the emblem of their house that was usually worn on the arm or a sash.

So to sum up, I think there are plenty of ways to put in uniform customization for STO. Weather it's being able to change your actual uniform, or just being able to add small things like emblems, etc.