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01-27-2010, 11:23 PM
Originally Posted by Pestalence_XC View Post
Also remember that all these items are NOT ewxclusive to the package deals.. they will be available in the Cryptic Store in a few weeks.

so I laugh at people who bought 5 copies of a game or complain about items in a game that you can buy with Cruptic Points later on.
Has there been any confirmation by the devs that the preorder exclusives will be available in a few weeks.?Although I guess that 104 weeks (2 years) is still a few weeks. AFAIK, all the Champions Online preorder bonuses are still not in the Cryptic Store. Chances are very good that the Cryptic Store will have its own uniforms and equipment you can buy, but not loot from preorder bonuses or anything from the DDE or CE for the next couple of years. If the preorders from Champions Online are not available through the Cryptic Store, then preorders from Star Trek Online will not be available through the Cryptic Store.