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# 31 Possible to Change this?
08-27-2008, 09:57 AM
Okay, I read the update, and really liked most of what I read. However, as has been mentioned here a little, the issue of instancing is a little disheartening:

You mentioned instancing, how will Star Trek Online make use of non-persistent areas?

Definitely when you go to a certain planet, itís just you and your teammates beaming down to it.
I can understand the need for this in most situations, but could their be certain areas that would run the risk of two different groups beaming down onto the same world?

E.g. The Federation has an emergency distress call from a 'colony' on a planet in the Neutral Zone. Upon arrival to said colony, the Feds beam down and begin a 'rescue' or recon of the site only to come upon a group of 'opposite faction' players (be it Klingon, Romulan or various other foe types.)

I think situations like that would be a great deal more dynamic, interesting... and fun.

As I said I do understand the reasoning behind having a planet be a "single instance" for players, but I hope the developers can keep in mind this idea as a sporadic occurrence in specific areas.