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# 35 Example: 3 persons to a ship!
08-27-2008, 01:10 PM
Only 1 person to a ship is fine for starters, but I really hope this changes. You could increase pace and dynamic nature of the gameplay by letting people team up. Think of this scenario:

Two fighting ships fly into a nebula, automatic targeting doesn't work or is damaged.

Each ship is manned with 3 players, first player at helm to pilot and manage ship systems, the second player on phasers, and the third player on torpedoes.

The helmsman player would carefully navigate the nebula careful not to go into dangerous sections that can detonate because of weapons fire or engine disturbance.

Two weapons players manually target the enemy ship(s) trying to take them out.

Players should be able to exchange their roles anytime, aka change from helm to weapons or vice-versa. Maybe even add other small subtasks like buffing and debuffing while also handling their primary task. There are so many ship systems that can come into play in combat such as shield management, power distribution, tractor beam, and deflector control.

At any rate, three people teamed up could make that fight go much more smooth and professional then one person juggling so many things all at once. This would be perfect for PvE where one ship is against a fleet of less powerful but numerous enemies. Also PvE where multiple ships are against an enemy that is overpowering like the Borg! I think it goes without saying that PvP would benefit from this kind of rapid teamwork on a single ship.