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# 1 Defera Invasion Zone Update
06-18-2014, 09:32 AM
This is one of my favorite zones for running around and getting fleet\omega marks. However there are a lot of very old bugs, bugs that a lot of Defera loyalists are annoyed with but put up with. The tech used to create the zone is very old and is in desperate need of some love. There is a lot that can be done to improve this zone and hopefully we get enough people to voice their concerns to make this on cryptic’s to do list.

Current Bugs
There are a ton of current bugs that make certain missions either unplayable or just a pain. Here are some that I am aware of:
  • City Hard – borg do not spawn properly in side alcoves. Could be cause of center alcoves failing to spawn correct Deferi in. Also loot drop is right next to activation console which could cause errant activations.
  • Temple Hard – mission will sometimes not complete even when all requirements are met. Used to be caused by assimilated priests wandering into the area but over the past week this has not been the case.
  • Power Plant Hard – Mission will occasionally reset in the middle of the instance even when starting player has not died. This reset will often leave the door force field up and the activation console to be inactive – trapping the players.
  • Probe Hard – Mission will auto complete if any team on a map completes the mission. Don’t hate me! But this is a bug\exploit.
  • Power Plant (Medium): Closed Off – No force fields will appear around engineers and deactivation console is inactive.

Please post a reply with any additional bugs that I didn’t mention.

Overall Map

The overall map design is quite beautiful in my opinion and wouldn’t need to be redone. However all the interactive items or tech attached to these items will need to be stripped and replaced with newer more reliable tech.

Base Camp
Base camp will most likely need to most work in terms of map redesign.
+add bank functionality to mail console.
+ground consumable vendor.
+faction flags. A place for those looking for teams to stand under.

The crafting missions might need to be dropped with the upcoming crafting revamp.

Possibly adding in some easy and medium missions for the probe interior might be interesting but would be a time consuming endeavor.

Adding a small story arc to the zone would also be interesting. This story mission could be a T1 omega rep reward that comes with the transwarp.
Something along the lines of:

1. Report to defera. The borg are trying to assimilate preserver technology.
2. Protect the civilians.
a. Complete any city mission.
3. Get power back up for defenses.
a. Complete any power plant mission.
4. Protect the artifacts.
a. Complete any temple mission.
5. Strike back.
a. Complete any probe mission.
This zone was originally designed for level 40-49 players but has been dominated by VA’s. The defera reward packs should be changed to level appropriate items. Please keep mark rewards the same.

Let me know if there are any more suggestions. Hopefully if we get a big enough dialogue going we might see some action.