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01-29-2010, 09:22 AM
Lotus Fleet is a Star Trek Online / Roleplaying Federation Fleet. What Lotus Fleet intends to accomplish is the idea that while we will maintain a Starfleet Structured military ranking system, we do not want to take our members for granted, as it is them that allows the Fleet to exist and succeed both within Star Trek Online and outside. With that said, its our goal to offer as much Web content that we can by allowing RPing and also positions that would allow Fans to assume Ranks Ranging from Cadet in the Academy through the Enlisted Ranks found in the Lotus Fleet Operations and finally up to Captain in Lotus Fleet Command. Positions above the rank of Captain are available but only to those that are the most dedicated and truly feel that they can make a difference in how our members can further be engaged.

Many Fleets that are Star Trek Fan based do in fact have and support Forums and Chat room based RPing, If your not familiar with the MMO type of game play Lotus Fleet is designed to offer a robust and scalable Starfleet Academy that will help new Star Trek fans become familiar with both in game content and the Star Trek Universe as whole while allowing seasoned Star Trek Fan the ability to reminisce upon the things that has made Star Trek so great in everyone's mind. Our cadre of Academy Staff have dedicated many combined years to all things Trek, and are more then prepared and pleased to bestow that knowledge on new members of the fleet. Another Feature is that the term Fleet(s) currently preparing for STO are in fact equivalent to what you might call Guilds that you might find in WOW, SWG or COH. What that means is should you decide to become member of Lotus Fleet will not only have the honor of attending Starfleet Academy but will also have the support and dedication to you that can only come with a group of dedicated members that all share the same goal of living out their dream of being a Starfleet Officer and exploring the great unknowns that the universe has to offer.

Upon graduation from the Academy new fleet members will embark on a journey that will continue to develop and support the idea of member based Fleet support and allow dedicated members that want to see Lotus Fleet become one of the most Elite and Fun Fleets that they can be proud of.

Lotus Fleet would also like offer an extended invitation to all services members where ever you might be. whether you will have the ability to play STO or not you will always have a welcome home here and, we would still like to offer a little piece of home and show our appreciation for what you do.

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