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The History of Revelation Fleet


It started as a peaceful collaboration. The planet Drakia, home planet to the goliath race known as the Drakians was in trouble. A rouge comet had skimmed the upper most layer of the planets atmosphere ripping them away from the planet. In the following months the planets top scientists all agreed that the remaining atmosphere was slowly leaking into space and the planet had only a decade of life left to it. Immediately the Drakians called out for help. The knew that they would never be able to evacuate the entire plan in ten short years. The Federation, who had always held peaceful relations with the Independent Drakian Forces came to the Drakains aide.
Although the Federation did not have the resources to aide in the evacuation of over 10 billion Drkaians in ten years the Federation did plan to attempt to increase the amount of time before the planet became inhabitable. The Federation sent its top scientist, a woman by the name of Nashe Ispep to find a way to lengthen the amount of time the Drakians and the Federation had to evacuate the planet.
Three years after arriving on planet Drakia, Nashe had devised a plan to set up large shield generators is strategic points all over the planet. The shield generators would produce a shield that would surround the planet. If the planned works it would five the Drakians and the Federation another 20-25 years to complete the evacuation.
On November 2nd 2397 the shield was activated. At first everything when according to plan. The rate at which the Drakian atmosphere getting pulled into the vacuum of space slowed substantially. After a week with the planet shield activated the sky slowly turned from a dark shade of blue to a light shade of green. After another month the sky turned to a dark green.
Nashe was already at work attempting to figure out what was going on. Another month passes and Nashe finally comes to a conclusion. The planet shield had the reverse effect that it was intended to have and actually accelerated up the deterioration of the Drakian atmosphere. Further, Nashe announce that the planet now only had 6 month to a year of life left to it. Immediately the Drakian government ordered the evacuation ships to hurry the evacuation as there were still over 5 billion Drakians remaining on the planet.
Eight months later the atmosphere finally dissolved away destroying the planet. Still on the planet at that time was 2 billion Drakians and Nashe Ispep who had decided to stay on the planet she felt she had prematurely doomed.


Rear Admiral Okuda Wasazori meets with Conrad Cornelious, the new leader of the Independent Drakian Forces, on a still unknown planet to talk about the planned events they would enact on the Federation. Wasazori enabled Conrad to have access to an Starfleet junkyard in order to use what part remained on the ships to build the Drakians a fleet to being their attacks on Federation territories.
On March 3rd 2398 the Drakians launched their first attack on the Federation. Attacking the small Federation colony of Darious 7. The Drakians showed no mercy, killing everyone and destroying the settlement. The Federation sent diplomats is an attempt to settle the conflict peacefully to New Drakia, the Drakains new home world. Immediately on their arrive all of the five ambassadors were murdered. Upon hearing of the deaths of their ambassadors the Federation immediately ordered counter measure be taken by Starfleet to suppress the Drakian threat. Admiral Wasazori immediately volunteers to set up a task force stationed near the Federation and Drakian boarder to combat the rising Drakian threat.
Wasazori orders Jonathen Zander to head up the taskforce and promotes Zander to Rear Admiral Lower Half. Jonathen deals a serious blow to the Drakian fleet when a mission to destroy a Drakian shipyard is successful even though 67 of is crew lost their lives. Later that year the Drakians manage to launch their ultimate weapon against the Federation. A biological weapon that attacks only terran DNA. Once infected the plague would eat away the person flesh from the inside out. A cure is found but not before the live of millions of people on 2 Federation planets are lost.


Jonathen receives intelligence on the location of the facility that the Drakians are using to produce the Drakian Plague. Jonathen takes the Crazy Horse on a mission to destroy the facility. The mission was successful but at the loss of Jonathens ship, the USS Crazy Horse.


Jonathen is court marshaled for the loss of the USS Crazy Horse and during the court marshal it is learned that Vice Admiral Wasazori of Starfleet Operations was serving as a spy for the Drakians and intended to have Jonathen imprisoned because he threatened the Drakians mission. The charges were dropped against Jonathen, but Wasazori escaped. Soon there after the USS Crazy Horse / NCC-97142-A arrived at Deep Space 12 and Jonathen assumed command.


Jonathen receives a distress call from Starfleet Command on Earth. The message was degraded but what was clear is that some kind of illness had killed several of the highest serving Admirals in Starfleet. Jonathen raced to Earth on the Crazy Horse. As they arrive it is learned the illness was indeed the Drakian Plague, but a mutated form and was not curable by the original antidote. Jonathans’ Chief Medical officer finally comes up with a new cure. Jonathen returns to the Crazy Horse and begins to return to Deep Space 12. Enroute the Crazy Horse is attacked by two Drakians ships the IDF Sentinel and the IDF Vindicator. On board the Vindicator Wasazori lead the attack. Jonathen order all fire be focused on the Vindicator, and although the Crazy Horse was heavily damaged the Vindicator was destroyed and Wasazori has paid for his crime with is life. Conrad Cornelius, the leader of the Independent Drakian Forces withdrew stating the wanted to kill Jonathen on an equal playing field. Later that year while on a regular patrol the Crazy Horse pick up a distress signal from a klingon bird of prey. Coming to their rescue the Crazy arrived the ship close to exploding with only two survivors Jonathen orders them beamed directly to sickbay. As the two klingon warriors die they inform Jonathen that a new cloaking device prototype has been stolen. This cloaking device could not only enable the klingon ship to fire while cloaked but is completely undetectable by any form of tracking know at the time. Investigating the scene the Crazy Horse discovers a faint warp trail and follows it. They arrive at the planet Zoonta IV and are immediately engaged in battle with the IDF Sentinel. Both ships take extremely heavy damage. Betting that the cloaking device had been transported to the planets surface Jonathen set the Crazy Horses self destruct and rams the Sentinel. In one massive transport the entire crew of the Crazy Horse beams down to the planet where Jonathen destroys the cloaking device prototype.


The Drakian War Ends, with the deaths of Wasazori and Conrad Cornelius the Drakians lack the leadership to continue their efforts against the Federation and formally surrender. Jonathen is promoted to the rank of Vice Admiral and reassigned to Starfleet Command as Admiral of Operations. Jonathen orders the commissioning of the USS Crazy Horse / NCC-97142-B to act as his personal ship.


As the peace accord between the Klingons and the Federation begin to grow more and more strained Jonathen orders a new star base be constructed in a star system only 50 light years from the Federation and Klingon boarder. Starfleet approves of the decision and the construction the new star base is begun. In the following years Admiral Zander focuses most of his attention to the formation of a new fleet to be the front line of defense for the Federation as well to explore and acquire resources for the Federation. On board the new star base there is room for not only combat but science and exploration, diplomatic affairs, resources and trading, and even an advanced training Academy. Finally in the year 2409 the new star base in completed and christened Star base 665, codename Revelation.


The Khitomer peace accords have broken down and the Klingons have invaded Federation territory. A fleet is sent to blockade the Klingon armada. The ships of Revelation Fleet are ordered to be on stand by to render assistance. THE ADVENTURE BEGINS……..

With the Klingon threat becomeing more and more of a concern for the Federation and Starfleet the need for additional support is deemed neccisary by Starfleet. It is this reason that Revelation Fleet is formed. Under the command of Fleet Admiral Jonathen Zander, formerly of the Tenth Fleet, they have been issued the order to expand Starfleets knowledge of both the known and unkown sectors of the galaxy. As well has defend against any hositle force that seeks to disrupt the live of Federation citizens.

It is the mission of Revelation Fleet to provide a safe and stable environment for each and every member of Revelation Fleet and to ensure the greatest game progression for all members as well as to create an atmosphere of friendship and family with all those who are a part of Revelation Fleet. We are not a heavy role play fleet however we to plan to encompass a wide range of MMO game play styles. With Revelation Fleet anyone can find a home here no matter what your favorite part of the game may be.