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=/\= Greetings from the United Federation of Planets =/\=

My name is John Hathaway, Fleet Admiral for the UFP.
After serving the Fleet as its leader since September 2002, I am extremely proud to continue to represent the UFP and all it has become.



Apply to Join:


Who We Are

The UFP is a dedicated Star Trek gaming fleet, founded in May 2002. It is purely dedicated to Star Trek games, both modern and classic.

At the UFP we provide both a fleet and a community for a wide variety of different players. Our main mission is to provide a place where no matter your time constraints or play styles, there's a space here for you.

Easy Membership for Casual Gamers with Limited Time

While the UFP may seem complex on the surface, basic membership couldn't be easier to gain and maintain. Signing up is easy, and all you need to do to keep your UFP membership is to sign a monthly roll call. It's a 1 minute job at the start of each month and we send out reminders.
We understand real life commitments come first so we ask nothing more of our members.

Multiple Choices and Duties for Hardcore Fleeters

However if you're into doing more than just gaming with your fellow fleet mates, the UFP has so much to offer and be involved in. Such as a complete set of canon style administration departments that cover a wide range of tasks and duties, and therefore an excellent way to earn promotions and medals. We also have many gaming orientated duties such as Event Officers for Star Trek Online.

What the UFP Offers its Members

Access to a large, helpful and friendly community

Support for both modern and classic Star Trek PC titles (STO, RPG-X, Elite Force, Bridge Commander etc)

Active TeamSpeak 3 server (optional with or without mic)

Veteran leadership that supports and seeks out fleet feedback and involvement

Many weekly activities in all supported games

Regular news, podcasts and "the Herald" magazine releases

Recruit Support Officers for every new member

Active forum full of helpful tips, discussions, jokes and more

Social events such as Trivia Night, TeamSpeak games and more

Skilled staff in management, graphics and coding

What the UFP Asks of its Members

Sign Roll Call at the beginning of each month (reminders sent)

Follow our Code of Conduct

Treat other members as you would have them treat you

Join {UFP} The United Federation of Planets today to experience Star Trek gaming at its best!