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Basic weapon types:

All turrets are cannons, and benefit from cannon skills and have cannon distance modifiers.
They are unique in that they are able to fire in the entire 360^2 sphere of influence around your ship, but have the lowest DPS of all cannons.

Cannon weapons are "energy weapons" tend to be energy conserving, and higher maintained DPS but in a more narrow arc of fire. Their special power 'rapid fire' is only available at the second rank of bridge officer skills, and permits a burst fire mode. In beta, cannons could not be fired simultaneously without rapid fire in effect.
Cannons have a high damage roloff after 5k distance.

Beam weapons are "energy weapons" that tend to be higher energy consuming, higher burst damage and have the added adjunct abilities of targetting specific enemy systems or overloading enemy shields. They also tend to fire in a wider arc. The default federation weapons are beams, which makes their default loadouts more able to focus fire rapidly.

There are many types of torpedos, photon being the most common. Torpedos are slow moving projectiles that explode on impact causing kinetic damage. Shields block most of their damage, so you want to hit an enemy who has no shields to use torpedos most effectively. Torpedos have an ancillary skill called "High Yield" which will launch multiple photon torpedos or high-power plasma, on plasma torpedos.

Mines are similar to torpedos in damage dealing, but are launched and deploy live after a brief delay. Mines are often deployed when one side is defending space, but can also be used as a secondary offensive weapon in place of a rear turret.

Basic ship types:

Bird of Prey (BOP)
Fast, low hull, extra aux (note: verify, get hard numbers)
Has universal bridge officer stations, so they are tactically flexible.
All ranks past 1 can cloak while in combat.
Note: Cloaking in combat does not drop targetting until you get out of range (clarify) and drops shields.

Fast, Good handling
Basically the equivalent of the federation escort.
Has cloaking ability out of combat.
(edit: fill in details)

Tips for ground PVP

- You do more damage when hitting the side and rear of an opponent
- You do more damage when crouching
- Go for split-beam rifles or other high-damage multitarget special attacks
- When in melee, rifle butt them to the ground
- If you are an engineer, drop mines in doorways and intersections to interfere with enemies
- place turrets and generators where they can't be sniped easily
- cloak is great for getting behind the enemy
- try to split up the enemy, but remain together
- if your shields are low, get out of combat for a sec or recharge them