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# 4 Science/Medical Division
01-29-2010, 01:51 PM
This is information from the Commanding Officer of Scienc/Medical Vice Admiral Spaztoid. That has information about the Science Division which includes also includes Medical and Exploration.

The term "Science Division" is almost a misnomer in the context of STO. There's no way to be a geeky non-violent player who does research for hour after hour before writing tedious reports. Put basically, if this were a Fantasy MMO, we would be the Wizards. On the ground, Science characters can not only keep a party healthy and buff, but they possess devastating de-buffs, and direct attack powers which can leave the enemy reeling and vulnerable to their allies and their attacks. In space, Science characters can confuse and harass whole squadrons of enemy ships or cripple the defenses of a single Juggernaut, leaving him wide open to attack. While you won't have and Engineerís endurance, or a Tactical Officer's strength you will always, always be a desired addition to any team, or a dangerous unknown to your enemy when acting on your own.

Under the United Britanian Fleetís policy of TAD (Temporary Assigned Duties) all Science characters are in the Science division, and are from there attached to either MACO ground units, or Armada squadrons. However, there are also in unit activities like Cluster Exploration, Anomaly Retrieval, and Tribble Breeding. As the game expands, there are sure to be more and more interesting features added for the Science class as the new features are rolled out.

If you are interested in joining the Science/ Medical Divison, please contact the one of these Division leaders.You can contact them by clicking on one of the signatures below or by contacting them in game.

Vice Admiral Spaztoid
CO of Science/Medical Division
United Britannian Fleet
USS Cognition NCC 72293 Discovery Class


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