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Sign up now to join the UBF Corps of Engineers!

Who are we and what do we do

We're the builders, thinkers and tinkers of this glorious fleet. We conceptualise, build and (most importantly) maintain fleet operations. The fleet needs new ships, retro-fits, repairs, new warp cores, or just more efficient power regulation See the engineers. Ground forces need mines laid or removed, or defences constructed See the engineers. Is your replicator serving you Klingon bloodwine instead of Tarkalean tea See the engineers!

Along with our fellow operations group friends, the Logistics Division (without whom we wouldn't even have the raw materials to keep everything in working order), we provide a solid backbone for day to day fleet life. Whether is be adjusting a dilithium matrix, building a space station, or providing vital support for the fleet on operations; we're your guys!

So sign up today for the UBF Corps of Engineers!

For further information please PM me!

Our other divisions are also recruiting!