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01-29-2010, 12:57 PM
Originally Posted by elephunk View Post
this ****es me off,
1# I have a limited bandwidth, I had to increase the download rate i.e. pay more to my ISP today to get it down...
2# I thought I would be able to log in today. since I made sure to log in yesterday and have the game up to date, I would have accepted a patch update.
Same here mate, i had to buy another ****ing 20 gig cap block and half of that is gonna be chewed up by this, $25 NZD for 20 gig.... and i also ran my client etc yesterday to make sure it was all updated, good old Steam, there such a bunch of ****ers lol, and i bet you this was Steams idea...

Thanks Steam, you just cost me like 10 bucks too download the client, my cap only had 400 meg left this morning