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01-29-2010, 01:15 PM
Originally Posted by Lahuzer View Post
I really donīt wanna eat a chill pill right now. I wanna play my Borg. They should AT LEAST have this sh*t sorted for head start. Iīve looked forward for this for a long time, and donīt wanna miss out on what might be my first night in game. It just sux more then a vacuumcleaner not being able to play what youīve paid for.
I have to agree. Many of us who lifetime subscribed did so with friends and fleet mates, with the intention of playing through much of the early game with them. It is not so desirable when you understand that everything you do will require doing over and this time not with your mates (some of whom are already playing their borg captains). We think this is unfair, and most of all, unnecessary. By requiring us to log in on a throwaway character to unlock yet a different character, then disabling that mechanic was being used? Only they have the numbers of people who life subbed, they should probably know how many will try to make a borg. If they knew they could not handle that many people attempting to unlock the feature via the c-store..why did they make that the avenue to unlock it?