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Guys...calm down!

I paid for a life time sub too, and i'm annoyed i can't play my borg just as bad as anyone.
I mean....i gotta wait to play the game i SHOULD be playing. Infact i took half the day off work to start early...with my borg.

i COULD play some random toon, but i'm only gonna delete him. so i'm here...wasting time...being mad as the rest of you. I see tons of flames to cryptic...but its launch day. nothing is every calm down!!

crying, and attempting to cancel ur accounts and all that BS are just gonna distract the devs from fixing it. so just relax and be patient!

In the meantime, please check out my iPad review on youtube!
NO i do not make money off this channel. its just a hobby...i like to do stupid randon crap and post it. so this is NOT an advertisement...i'm merely giving my fellow players a distraction while we wait lol

i'm interested to hear what you all think of the new iPad.
gonna buy it? love it, hate it? watch the review and leave a comment! lemme know what u think!