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01-29-2010, 02:39 PM
Originally Posted by MLEdelen View Post
You Give Us A Phone Support Number, But When I Try To Use It, I'm On Hold For 2 Hours......someone In Support Send Me A Pm And I Will Give You My Number So I Can Tell You How I Can't Get Into Headstart With My Best Buy Preorder Key That Is Supposed To Give Me Headstart Access.
When you go to your account on the main page, does it say "Star Trek Online Open Beta Access" or does it say "Star Trek Online - Preorder"?

If it's the first, then you did not get a preorder key, you got a beta key not tied to a preorder and you would need to take it up with the retailer where you pre-ordered the game.

Regardless, you need to relax. It's just a game, and it's not worth that much anger. It'll still be here tomorrow and for some time to come. There's no big race to the finish line, no big prize for being first to get through all the content and start whining about how bored you are.