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01-29-2010, 01:52 PM
Originally Posted by Merlok View Post
You don't get the point.

The playable borg is only available for lifetime subscribers. So what if we want to create a borg char?
Nothing, because it don't work now. And I personally don't want to create another char and delete it when the borg is available.

Your trill is ONLY available AFTER release, while the borg is available BEFORE release man.
Maybe I don't get the point because you don't have a point, you just have a sad story.

They sold lifetime subs and Digital orders with Trills in them both without stating availability would be an issue in the headstart. They clarified the digital orders only after you couldn't get your money back if you wanted to, and you know what life goes on I'll deal with it. They said it would be available for you and it isn't YET, you know what life will still go on for you as well.