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Anyone whos ever played other MMOs before will know what i mean.

Numerous MMOs ive beta tested then gone into headstart, have had issues at launch.

Believe me in comparison to some ive taken part in this is playing very well.

I suspect a lot of the impatient "this aint working" threads/replies are from players who aint played an MMO before.

If you expected to connect and play exactly as a single player technically would , even at launch, you will be disappointed.

This ISNT STO fault, its how an MMO works as regards player base, server/s, other issues.

Age of Conan, LOTRO, Warhammer Online .

I played them all at launch and there was lots of issues to be fixed in first few weeks.

Their betas were appalling, STO beta was a very good one, and even as headstart is now.