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01-29-2010, 03:15 PM
Originally Posted by ITF_Cho
So I could give up my ability to play a Klingon just so I could have one of each officer type? Ummm, no.

However the real upside is that I'll have 4 more days free from dealing with bugs before I bother to start to play. Maybe in the interim I'll finally decide on Engineer vs. Science officer.

Are Worgen out yet??
Well, don't go spastic on me or anything... I'm not to blame and not advocating. Just pointing out the possibilities.

Why would you have to give up on a Klingon to have one of each officer, Klingon's have the same officers, make an Engi / Science Fed and a Tactical Klingon or something.
I'm assuming he wants three Feds, I dunno. *shrug*