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06-24-2014, 01:15 AM
Originally Posted by csts84 View Post
I would like to see both Defera and Nukara Prime revamped to be more similar in functionality to the Dyson Ground Battlezone, for consistency. Defeating bosses on Defera should also reward Borg Neural Processors similar to how Voth Cybernetic Implants are rewarded when the V-Rexes are defeated in the Dyson Battlezone. That part should attract more players and it would then serve as a feasible alternative to queued STF's.


Change it to where you don't have to have a TEAM to do anything. ( Boffs are a much better option. You can always get them to join in. Same in the STF's. I've been in a few but the majority of the time there is never enough players for a team. Make it where we can use our boffs if we choose to on Defera/Nukara and add NPCs for the STFs when teams are non-existant or people don't want to have to deal with team attitudes. With all the lag, DCs and rubberbanding, I can see why newer players stay out of these battles! )

Change the rewards to offer these choices: all Omega marks, all Fleet marks or a combo of the 2. ( And while you're at it, ditch the pop-up for rewards. It's a huge pain when you are in the middle of Borg Country! Let the box go automatically into our inventory....we don't need a timer! ) And add the BNP as a bonus reward depending on difficulty level and/or number of completed missions.

Now for that comment about making the Defera bosses harder....NO!! Not everyone has the king of all PCs and 100 tbps internet!! But they could add the option for people who choose to die repeatedly! Say...4 levels of difficulty. Easy..for new people, folks who have connection/play issues. Moderate: About what the levels are now. Hard: where you get a spanking, sometimes repeatedly! INSANE Where NO ONE gets out alive!! !( The kind most of these combat ready guys thrive on! )

There are a lot of newer players, people who have older machines or simply have play issues ( lag, dc, rubberbanding ), etc, who aren't capable of tackling most of the intense battles. So not everyone wants harder! But it should be an option for those that do want it.