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# 1 Accolades?
01-29-2010, 02:33 PM
I just wanted to ask whether all the Accolades are currently in? From what I remember there's an Accolade for defeating 10 borg, but I didn't get it when I defeated more than 10 borg during the tutorial. I'm fine if it's not in yet since I can just fight more borg sometime later on in the higher levels. Or perhaps the devs just decided to turn off accolades in the tutorial?

But I wanted to ask because there's also an Accolade for saving all the crewmembers of the SS Azura. And since it's not a repeatable mission, I'm worried about missing out on the Accolade, if they're not activated yet. So I'm sort of contemplating whether or not to hold on first from doing that mission, since I'm planning to collect all the Accolades.

So, are the Accolades turned on?