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01-29-2010, 02:49 PM
Originally Posted by TheHand View Post
ok this is fu--ed up i want to make a joined trill char to get the bonuses, but guess what they wont let me make one till i get my retail key on tuesday,

wtf is the point of a head start when im going to have to re roll and start again on tuseday? real this is bad planning, i was considering a lifetime sub until i seen first hand how terrible cryptic realy are at planning ahead,

Hell even the grind fest that was **** made sure we got our pre order stuff for early start, amature, plain and simple thats all that can be said.

they better offer us the chance to upgrade our current chars to the bonus ones or ill not be bothering with this game after my first 30 days, i played this cause i dont want to grind, and all you done is made sure i will have to.
How do they know which version of the game you have, the code is in the box, I feel your pain, I want my joined Trill too, but I know why I cant have it.