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01-29-2010, 02:52 PM
ok first off I bought it Knowing i would be making my joined trill at the head start , First release of the game..... This change was not on the site news. it was not announced at the retailer before buying it, and I do not troll forums to read the extra news that get slipped away. I look for them at the main site and no it was not on the news section.

I will ***** I will complain, its my right to. I purchased the game, I was told I could make a joined trill and so much more. so i do not give a **** how cryptic plans to get everyone the joined trill as long as they do, I do not want to make a alt, i do not want to make a Klingon... I want to make a Joined trill as my main character and my only character. I played the beta tested the game gave my reports and feedback as excepted from a beta TESTER, but now its live the game is final and it is released if its not then how are so many people on right now playing? beta is over.

I ordered the Deluxe version for the extra stuff, the extra stuff to advance in the game before others do, that is what a Head start is. now I have to recreate a character after Feb, 2 and I will be behind other folks, so the head start is a ****ing joke.

Yeah i am ****ed, yeah I am complaining and if you do not like it then stop reading this post and play the damn game. I for one will stand my ground and will complain to either resolve this or just to say **** cryptic for good, I gave them way to many chances on their other failed games.

I am Tired of mmo's coming out and not giving you what they said they would. this happens to many times and all the ones that do that end up loosing that mmo. so its up to cryptic to make this the one for them or to fail.

I said what i wanted to say, Now its your turn Cryptic what do you have to say for your self?