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01-29-2010, 02:53 PM
Liberated borg should be available for anyone who purchased their lifetime subscription more than 24 hours ago (key word being should, if it's not, you should submit a support ticket). For everyone else (those who purchased in the past 24 hours) they either must wait 24 hours or submit a support ticket.

Joined trill are tried to the retail cd-key that will be provided on February 2nd. You cannot play a joined trill until then.

Once you input your retail CD-Key (STEAM will notify you what your retail cd-key is in the STEAM application itself when you go to run the program after the retail cd-key becomes available) into your STO account, you should either have the option to make a joined trill at character creation, or be able to create a junk character, log in, go to the c-store, and unlock joined trill (which will then allow you to create a joined trill at character creation).