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01-29-2010, 02:55 PM
Originally Posted by Player0
Liberated borg should be available for anyone who purchased their lifetime subscription more than 24 hours ago (key word being should, if it's not, you should submit a support ticket). For everyone else (those who purchased in the past 24 hours) they either must wait 24 hours or submit a support ticket.

Joined trill are tried to the retail cd-key that will be provided on February 2nd. You cannot play a joined trill until then.

Once you input your retail CD-Key (STEAM will notify you what your retail cd-key is in the STEAM application itself when you go to run the program after the retail cd-key becomes available) into your STO account, you should either have the option to make a joined trill at character creation, or be able to create a junk character, log in, go to the c-store, and unlock joined trill (which will then allow you to create a joined trill at character creation).
Exactly this. Just wanted to confirm if you had any doubts.