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01-29-2010, 03:00 PM
Originally Posted by Commodore_Rook View Post
Wow some venomious replies! Sorry fellows. I love this game, don't get me wrong, but did expect some magic wand to make it live client vs the buggy Beta, I guess not. Iam not flaming or trolling. I had some major issues logging in. Then when I made my character, some features were missing. (zoom as I mentioned) And uniform choices seemed sparse. (the same amount from beta) I just figured they would have patched it up with complete content. Perhaps they are waiting for the 2nd?
Can't really expect too much content-wise to change from beta as we'd probably be dealing with a lot more bugs . Uniform choices, yeah perhaps sparse, but then one can argue that they gave away too many options as pre-order bonuses,

I'm done with this game though, until I get my retail key next week

Zoom is working here, not sure why it isn't wasn't in your case.

PS Boogieman we saw this coming, and it was quite obvious this was going to be a big issue. Perhaps not having to unlock the Klingon's during the headstart period would have helped some people.