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Originally Posted by pottsey5g View Post
The time I was talking about was related to the 8k dilithium a day which limited you to 1 item every 3 days. If the price comes down for dilithium then we can build faster. After listening to a few devs about what is planned I am much happier about the system. As long as dilithium doesn't limit building to much it should be fun. The UI is going to be tweaked, randomness removed in X2 and unique mods on weapons and unique items to craft. There will be stuff like beams have a chance to proc beam overload.
Basically the DIL cost multiplied by the expected chance of purple at high skill should still be less than the cost to buy an equivalent item outright with DIL.

A lot of crafting systems contain no randomness in their result, but are also limited in what they let you make. Looking at a certain 7,500 lb. gorilla in the industry, you can often make Blue-quality gear, for instance, but only certain slots would let you make endgame-quality gear. We'll let you make endgame-quality stuff in all slots, but not necessarily on your first go. However, as you get more and more skilled at a given school, the chance of white vanishes and the chance of green greatly diminishes, while the chance of purple goes from close-to-zero up to 33% (and maybe higher, depending on tuning changes based on feedback).
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