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01-29-2010, 03:06 PM
Originally Posted by Rekhan
Borg creation is available now. Just visit the C-store in-game on an existing character to claim it.
Rekhan, I respect you as a mod. You really are good at it normally.

Thing is, I got to put you right.

Not only did I restart client. I restarted PC!

BORG - not on character creation
BORG - not in C Store

Lifer - paid over 48 hours ago.

Ticket asking for BORG activation - about 40 minutes since (no reply).

Do us both a favour mate, check the facts before making daft statements!

Better still - kick someones but and get my BORG activated.

As I said, respect you as a mod, but you are making yourself sound silly (at best)!

UK 2300 - add 24 hrs to this, then I not likely to get BORG till Sunday So much for headstart.