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01-29-2010, 04:08 PM
My personal opinion the uniform bonuses. The new style of uniforms that are in the game are superior to the television and movie style ones. However if you want to role play or feel nostalgic, the uniform bonuses may be good for you.

All weapons/armor/equipment bonus items are meant to give you a boost at lower levels, you will quickly outgrow them as you begin to progress and level up.

Novelty items [tribble/targ pet/Constellation Class] They will be fun to play with, but they will also be outgrown or used only in roleplay/nostalgic means.

Skillpoints - 500 free skill points means 5 free tier 1 skill advancements. Which is helpfull for the duration of your character. However, you can of course get these by playing the game too.

Cryptic C-Store points - I don't know the cost of items in the store so I have no comment on this. [its free money]

I think that both the collectors edition, and the digital collectors edition are great buys.

It was a tough decision, but I went with the full collectors edition for the communicator pin, and the fancy manual, as well as whatever else comes with it.

though the NX Prefix is kind of neat, it's just aesthetic [you'll see it on the hull of your ship] and on its name.