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# 1 Limited preset BO options.
01-29-2010, 04:25 PM
I was hopeing all the preset choices for Captians would be available for requisitioning but they aren't, there are no Benzite or Saurian BOs on offer, we do have the option of Ferengi which I am happy about, but pure Klingon for the Feds I was hopeing you would remove that option as its just silly, no Klinogn would abandon their house and why was Ferengi Captain choice removed near the end of CB?.

I know you can make them up from an Unknown Species BO but you won'y neccesarily get the correct staring traits and you won't get the race specific trait so it just feels hollow, I know as I did it in OB.

We where also promised 20 presets, where are they?