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01-29-2010, 03:31 PM
Originally Posted by Suunman
I'd like to play the 30 days included with the pre-order purchase of the deluxe edition BEFORE i have have to decide to buy a lifetime subscription or not....

I mean I'm paying for the 30 days with the retail game I purchased from steam.... I't's included in the price...

I've pre-ordered the Deluxe edition and that is locked into my account for life... I've pre ordered....

So what is the difference between me buying a pre-order life time subscription before the first of march when my free 30 days I've already paid for runs out and being forced to get it now after less than 2 days (i have to download the client before i can play) of actual game play?

The only difference I can see is i'm being forced to make an uninformed decision about the game rather than an informed one. Personally I feel Cryptic would be demonstrating their confidence in their product by allowing all pre orders to have the option to upgrade to a life time account after the first 30 days... as it is i feel i'm being asked to make a leap of faith that the product will be worth playing for at least 16 months - I hope it will be - I pray it will be - but i won't know until I've played for a month or so...

I have a life time subscription to lord of the rings - which i purchased after the 30 day free play that came with the game -- I don't understand why Cryptic is not prepared to offer the same sort of deal.
There will be abother offer.