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01-29-2010, 03:38 PM
Originally Posted by Bloodymanuel
I have 2 ranks in the skill giving me a total warp cor skill of 20, do I just have to put more ranks in? In OB i never did see the results of putting points into the warp core skill either.
When you're in space (not sector space - you need to be in a mission or outside Starbase 1, for example), select the 'balanced' power setup and you should notice that all your power levels will read slightly higher than the 50 they are set to (probably 52/50 or something similar).

The power boost from Starship Warpcore Training depends on the power level you set - systems set to 25 get the biggest bonus (about 7 points with skill level 9), and the boost drops off as the power setting increases (about 3 points for a system set to 50 at skill level 9) until around about 75 power, at which point or higher there's no bonus. So, if you were running the standard 'attack' settings, you'd end up with something like 100/100, 53/50. 32/25 32/25.