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# 1 Well Cryptic....this is it...
01-29-2010, 04:09 PM
I logged into the headstart...made the character that I had planned on going with for release.. went through the tutorial, and there I was in sector space, ready to get started on my next venture in MMO gaming, and I realized that I really didnt feel like playing.

See, ive been an avid Cryptic supporter since the City of Heroes beta. I have always respected you as designers because of your open dialog with the community, your willingness to listen to community concerns and address them, and make changes to the game based on what the community desires. You were one of the few developers that seemed to really put alot of thought into what your subscribers wanted.

But you seem to have lost that. This skill system is a mess.. its totally illogical and frustrating. I really dont feel like wading into it and trying to scrape together a fun character out of it. You havent discussed the issue with the community, you havent asked for our opinions on how to fix it, you havent given us a a preview of what changes yall are discussing for it.

Without the desire to take my character forward.. without the ability to plan out a path for my character and create goals for myself and imagine what ill be able to do as i get higher level... i just have nothing to drive me to play the game.

So im not going to buy it. Ive decided to cancel my preorder and find other things to do. Ive been supporting yall for a long time, and I have forgiven yall for alot of things over the years.. but when you stopped listening to us and discussing issues with us, I stopped being supportive.

Ill check in on STO in the future to see what changes yall have made to the skill system. Maybe ill see yall then.