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01-29-2010, 04:17 PM
Originally Posted by ambience View Post
What does the "aliengen" give for the one power? If you click that, you get to pick 3 skills, and you can just make the char look human if you want.
Alien gives you full control, letting you pick all four. The only disadvantage is not having access to a limited number of race only traits.

Leadership is ground only? i'm pretty sure it was listed as space and i know that big trait list post in beta said it was space based, but there wasn't much talk about it that i could find. I was an alien in beta though so can't confirm from personal experience.

Devilman0: traits don't scale, but they give some nice bonuses. Warp Theorist & efficient for example will always give you a nice bonus to energy levels.

I ended up making an alien with the previously stated traits. Like many others my alien looks human. I really wish they would go through traits and totally rebalance/fix them, but at this point they can't do that without screwing over people.

Seeing as how ground combat is so much easier than space combat and how your bridge officers will be entirely ground combat focused trait wise, i probably wouldn't take any ground traits personally.